About Us

EZChem, Inc. is a privately held company located in Jasper, Georgia, about 60 miles north of Atlanta. The company was started by three professionals with extensive experience in Chemistry, Manufacturing and Business. With this variety of talent, EZChem has become one of the largest private labeling companies of decorative concrete products in the United States.

EZChem's focus is on the development and manufacture of products tailored to the specific needs of the Decorative Concrete Industry. Our initial products included a line of acid stains and non-acid water based stains. Since then we have expanded our product line to include sealers (including VOC compliant sealers), epoxies, metallic pearls, integral coloring, concrete cleaners, safe profilers, sealer strippers, adhesive removers, floor polishes and overlays (incl spray, stamp, broom finish, micro topping, counter top), with more to come....

In keeping with our original goal EZChem's focus is on servicing the needs of the Decorative Concrete Industry. This is done by providing manufacturing and private label services to distributors and other customers. By focusing on product development and production we can create superior products at a lower cost through specialization and economies of scale. With toll manufacturing and private labeling, EZChem, Inc. can make the branding of your own products a reality. If you need to expand your product line - we can help.

An example of our specialization and focus is the development (at customer request) of all other acid stain manufacturers' colors. By providing superior products and focusing on what we do well, our products have become widely used and distributed throughout the industry. Our role as a supplier to the industry is typically played behind the scenes.