Eff Off

Eff Off is an economical blend of low odor acids, surfactants and detergents used for general cleaning of concrete, masonry and hardscape surfaces. Eff Off effectively removes efflorescence, as well as surface mineral deposits. Eff Off is safe to use on most concrete surfaces, including colored concrete and will not "burn" pigments from the concrete surface, when used as directed.

EZ Clean

This neutral cleaner has been specially formulated for using on highly polished floor surface without attacking the gloss of the floor. When it is used as directed, this product gives you many unique features that it becomes your product of choice for daily maintenance on floor cleaning.


Neutralizer is a water dilutable mildly alkaline solution that neutralizes any residual acid on the floor after applying an acid stain. Neutralizer restores the pH balance to the floor.

Super Blue

Super Blue is a penetrating concentrated de-scaler and surface renovator that quickly penetrates and dissolves lime deposits, mortar, scale, rust, algae, stains and mineral sediments. Super Blue is the safe substitute for muriatic acid.

Citra Pro

Citra-Pro is an economical concentrated industrial cleaner and degreaser that is used to remove oily, greasy accumulations and soils from environmental surfaces. Removes wax and polish from floor tiles.