Densicrete LS

Densicrete LS is a penetrating, reactive treatment for all concrete surfaces. It is a safe, non-flammable and non-toxic treatment that reacts with excess lime in the concrete surface to produce a permanent, hard calcium silicate deposit in the pours making it stronger, more durable, and stain resistant. Lithium silicate is uniquely more effective than sodium or potassium silicates that penetrate less and leave undesirable salts. It also diminishes the Alkali Silicate Reaction (ASR) to improve concrete weathering. UV stable, high shine and resistance to scratch marks. This product is a favorite, used by polishing contractors across the country.

Polishing Dyes

Polishing Dyes provide a wide pallet of acetone or alcohol soluble dyes for coloring polished concrete for all interior applications. Available in 15 colors.