Matting Agent

Colorless, non-reactive matting agent for addition to clear and pigmented sealers.

Monkey Grip

Monkey Grip is a safe, non-toxic inert material that adds slip resistance to any concrete sealer. It is colorless and transparent so that it does not change the color or clarity of the coating.

EZ Grip

EZ-Grip is micronized polypropylene powder that adds slip resistance to any concrete sealer. EZ-Grip will give a smoother feel than other types of anti slip agents due to its special unique properties and produces a uniform texture.

Metallic Pearls

Metallic Pearls are used in Epoxy or other vehicles such as polyuretheane, acrylic sealers and water based epoxies all with different effects. Metallic Pearls give a unique, one of a kind desired floor.

Color Bombs

Color Bomb is a color additive for solvent based sealer. It lets you create a colored sealer in the field. One container treats a 5 gallon pail of clear solvent based sealer.