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CITRA PEEL is an industrial strength stripper that removes all types of coatings and acrylic sealers from all concrete surfaces. As a non-flammable stripper with very low odor this makes CITRA PEEL ideal for interior use.

  • Non-flammable formula: CITRA PEEL is completely non-combustible and much safer to use indoors than any xylene-based coating remover.
  • Fast action: CITRA PEEL will penetrate and soften the acrylic coating in 20 to 30 minutes so that it can be scraped or pressure flushed off easily. Heavy coatings may require two treatments.
  • No neutralizing necessary: CITRA PEEL contains no acids or harmful reactive components. Just rinse it off and let the floor dry. Where old colors are to be removed, SUPER BLUE may be applied immediately.


GLU-GONE is a non-flammable, water based solvent and emulsifier that softens and breaks the bond of most types of adhesives, allowing easy removal. The emulsifying property allows easy water flush off of any residue.

  • Nonflammable–Non-combustible: Unlike most other glue removers, GLU-GONE is not only nonflammable, but it will not support combustion even when soaked into rags or mops. It is much safer to use.
  • Emulsifiable: The GLU-GONE formula penetrates the mastic and softens it with emulsifying action so that after scraping off the bulk of the glue, the remainder can be easily washed off with water. A water wash will then leave the floor clean and ready to be re-coated with glue or any other treatment.
  • Fast and Easy: Just spray, mop or brush GLU-GONE over the mastic deposits to be removed, and let it penetrate for 20 to 45 minutes depending on the thickness and type of mastic. When the layer is softened, just scrape it off, and rinse the floor. No further treatment is necessary.


HOT STRIP is a powerful industrial strength emulsifying solvent stripper for all acrylic sealers and other coatings. HOT STRIP will also dissolve and emulsify heavy grease and greasy soil deposits. It is safe to use on all concrete, stone, wood or metal surfaces. For exterior use only.

  • Emulsifying action: HOT STRIP not only dissolves tough to remove coatings, but the emulsifying action breaks down the dissolved coating so that scrubbing with water removes all of the old coating down to bare concrete. Nothing is left behind.
  • Fast action: HOT STRIP will penetrate and soften the old coating in 20 to 30 minutes so that it can be scrubbed up and emulsified with water and flushed off.
  • No neutralizing necessary: HOT STRIP contains no acids or harmful reactive components. Just scrub up the dissolved coating, rinse it off, and let the floor dry. SUPERBLUE may be applied immediately if there are stains to be removed or to profile.