Better Products Through Better Chemistry

About Us

EZChem Inc. has been manufacturing concrete coatings for the Decorative Concrete Industry in North Georgia for over 20 years. We started our business venture by just offering concrete stains, but EZChem now offers 15+ product lines related to concrete coatings.

We work with our clients to create private labels of our own products and can even help clients create new products! Whether it be applied to an outdoor kitchen, concrete countertops, or floors, our products can turn plain concrete into something worth admiring.

Concrete floor wax and polish.

View of our manufacturing plant located about 60 miles north of Atlanta in Jasper Georgia.

Sidewalk Beautification

Reception area for our corporate office.

Clear Coat High Gloss

A pure acrylic, solvent based, UV stable, high gloss finish, non-yellowing 30% sealer.

Concrete Color Dyes

A liquid, UV stable dye that can be mixed with alcohol or acetone.

EZ 100

A two component super high gloss epoxy surface sealer for all types of interior lateral concrete surfaces.

Super Blue

A concentrated cleaner and renovator that quickly dissolves lime deposits, scale, rust, mortar, algae and mud stains.

a 3:1 Gloss , 60% solids water based urethane. Gloss or Matte Finish.

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