Better Products Through Better Chemistry

Color Bomb


COLOR BOMB is a color additive for solvent based sealer. It lets you create a colored sealer in the field. One container treats a 5 gallon pail of clear solvent based sealer.

  • 15 Standard colors to choose from
  • Very economical, decorative, and way to seal a variety of concrete substrates.
  • Easily disperses into most solvent based acrylic sealers.
  • Very easy way to create a beautiful, solid color concrete surface.

HP Epoxy Pigment

HP Epoxy Pigment is a pigment color for 100% solids epoxy kits. One jar will color a 3 gallon kit of Epoxy.

  • Available in 10 vibrant colors.


METALLIC PEARLS are used in EZCHEM EPOXY or other vehicles such as polyurethane, acrylic sealers and water based epoxies all with different effects. Gives a unique, one of a kind desired floor.

  • There are 23 available reflective pigments that can combine with literally 100’s of colors in the High Performance Industrial Epoxy.
  • Due to the vast options offered within this system, one can create floors that range from the elegantly stylish to outrageously bazaar.
  • Exceptionally durable epoxy combined with a polyurethane or polyaspartic top coat make this flooring system ideally suited for nearly any commercial or residential setting.