Better Products Through Better Chemistry

These products are designed to blend with all types of concrete and overlays to greatly increase bond strength, tensile strength and abrasion resistance.

We offer a full range of products, for use on every type of surface.

Our products are non-yellowing, clear coatings that can be used for interior or exterior concrete, cement based overlays, or as a top coat for epoxy.

These are added to sealers, and make it very easy to create a beautiful colored concrete surface.

Contain very fine translucent coloring agents in a liquid that penetrate into the concrete surface.


These products are designed to help with all your exposed aggregate projects.

All non-yellowing, detergent, and slip resistant coatings that protect concrete surfaces.

These are ideal for covering your existing concrete with a rock hard, weather proof surface. The concrete overlay can be stamped, dyed, and stained to achieve a beautiful final result.

Non-flammable, non-toxic, hardeners which makes the concrete stronger, more durable, and stain resistant.

All are small samples of our products for you to look over and experiment with.

All form a tough crystal clear coating that seals, beautifies, and protects both interior and exterior concrete surface.

Can be used as a diluent for acrylic coatings,thinner for sealers and as a general purpose solvents.

Deep penetrating, permanent color stains for all concrete surfaces. They will not fade in direct sunlight when sealed.

Products to remove or dissolve all types of coatings and acrylic sealers from concrete surfaces.